Strategic Plan

Successful organizations understand the past and plan for the future.   This page reports the strategic plans for AAUW, AAUW Pennsylvania, and AAUW Carlisle.


AAUW launched the new strategic plan — Beyond Aspirations: Advancing Equity for Women and Girls — in August 2018.  After a thorough process, engaging thousands of AAUW members from across the country, the Strategic Planning Task Force presented the plan to the AAUW Board of Directors where it received unanimous approval.  Now, AAUW members must bring the plan to life.

With the Mission, Vision, and Values as foundation, four Strategic Focus Areas were identified.  Each focus area identifies audacious and exciting goals.  The announcement email from Kim Churches, AAUW CEO, highlights a few.  If you didn’t read the email or don’t remember, it is worth taking a minute to do so.  Read the full strategic plan to learn about our future together.  And, when you get to page 11, smile when you recognize a photo.

Keep current on status at

AAUW Pennsylvania

The AAUW Pennsylvania strategic plan is at

AAUW Carlisle

The AAUW Carlisle Board discusses plans for the next fiscal year in the June transition meeting.  Often, the plan isn’t finalized until the September Board meeting, the first Board meeting of the new fiscal year.

The first discussion is to review progress to the current plan.  Here is the FY20 strategic plan and the FY20 Annual Report contains all the details of our fabulous year.

This is the strategic plan for FY21 (July 1, 2020 — June 30, 2021).