Changing the Climate for Women and Girls in Carlisle, PA

2019 — 2020 (FY20) AAUW Carlisle Annual Report

The new fiscal year – FY21 – began on July 1, 2020. At the close of every fiscal year, the AAUW Carlisle Board members submit an annual report. For FY20, we decided to create a branch report, summarizing all the individual reports into one document. The Board is accountable to branch members. We hope during your reading you will be impressed with branch accomplishments and are proud to be an AAUW Carlisle member.  Click here to read online or download.

This life-changing workshop is FREE and now ONLINE! AAUW Work Smart Online can be accessed through any computer or mobile device and takes about 90 minutes complete, giving participants the tools and skills they need to successfully negotiate their salaries.

AAUW Work Smart is a successful salary negotiation workshop for working women in job transition and seeking promotions. One ingredient of the gender pay gap is women often don’t negotiate their salaries. We advocate on behalf of others with gusto, yet find it difficult to do the same for ourselves. This workshop teaches the skills to identify an individual’s unique skills, knowledge and experience; how to communicate these in an interview; how to value these in the salary discussion; and how to negotiate for a salary based on these unique attributes.

And, here is how.  AAUW Carlisle members. . . .

  • Award Higher Education Scholarships  to qualifying Cumberland County women college students every year.
  • Create societal change through non-partisan advocacy on issues impacting women and girls.  Issues include:  Education, Gender Pay Equity, Title IX, STEM, Economic Security, Get Out The Vote.
  • Partner with Dickinson College AAUW collegiate chapter.
  • Collaborate with like-minded organizations in Carlisle and Cumberland County.
  • Learn and grow through content rich monthly meetings,  (August–May)
  • Socialize while attending an interest group activity:  Book Group, Bridge Flight, Cultural Outings, Gourmet Dinner Group.

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