95th Anniversary

AAUW Carlisle branch was founded on May 10, 1924 on the campus of Dickinson College.  The story of our founding features determined women and a persistent college President.  To understand our close relationship with Dickinson College and the new phrases shared with a smile–“militant feminists” and “feministic shenanigans” — please read the story.

We celebrated on Tuesday, May 28th at the Cumberland County Historical Society.  Over sixty-five members and four honored guests enjoyed good conversation, food, drink, and program.  Below are some memories, highlights, and photos.

  • The evening was made more special because we were able to honor and thank our guests.
  • A harpist and four flutists added a rich texture to the social time.
  • Food and drink was delicious.

  • Catching up with friends or meeting new — the Social time was enjoyed by all.

  • We recognized Past Presidents who are current members.  And all members who have ever served on the AAUW Carlisle Board.
  • To honor our past, the 95th Committee embarked on an ambitious project – to capture the oral histories of twelve members.  To each of you, thank you for sharing your stories and insights for this special project.  All interviews are compiled in A Collection of Oral Histories.  Some interviews were videotaped by Tanner Hench.  Honoring Our Past, the video created by Tanner was shown.
  • Then and Now was presented by Ann Pehle, AAUW Carlisle President.  After an overview of our founding, the presentation highlights the militant feminists doing feministic shenanigans.
  • Members Awards were presented to very deserving and surprised members.  See June/July 2019 newsletter for full description.

  • Outgoing board officers were recognized and new officers for 2019-2020 were installed.

The evening ended with cake!

Many thanks to the 95th Anniversary Celebration committee for a wonderful evening!