COVID masks — AAUW style

Here’s an opportunity to show your support for AAUW Carlisle while keeping family and friends safe.  Masks branded with the AAUW Carlisle logo are now available to order.  Your purchase will help to sustain the activities and operational expenses of the branch as well as promote AAUW visibility in the community.

Priced at $12.00 each, you can order AAUW Carlisle masks through this website by October 18th using a major credit card.  A bulk order will be placed by a member of the fundraising committee, and you will be notified of arrangements made for pickup or delivery once the order has been received.

Colors and Quantities when ordering
One White & One Black Mask $24.00 USD
One White Mask $12.00 USD
Two White Masks $24.00 USD
Three White Masks $36.00 USD
One Black Mask $12.00 USD
Two Black Masks $24.00 USD
Three Black Masks $36.00 USD