AAUW-PA Board Election Voting Options

Exercise your vote as an AAUW-PA member for the 2017-2018 officers.  And, it is especially important since our own Linkey Green is on the ballot.  Would be a shame if her branch didn’t have good voter turnout.  Here are your options.

Option 1 — Attend the annual convention
The annual meeting with elections will be on Saturday, April 22.

Option 2 — Online voting
Online voting is available now through midnight, June 14, 2017.  Clicking this link will bring up an initial screen that will include instructions and three boxes asking for voting confirmation information: 1) first name; 2) last name; and 3) branch.  Voter names and branch affiliation are required only to verify that you are 1) a current paid AAUW-PA member and 2) that you are not voting multiple times.  This information will not be connected to your vote.

Clicking the “next” box on screen one will bring up the actual ballot. It looks exactly like the paper ballot that includes the titles of each office—Finance Officer, and Membership VP, the two candidates’ names; and an option for a write-in.

Option 3 — Mail in a paper ballot
Refer to the instructions on page 3 of the Keystoner.